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November 25, 2007
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May 1987

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March 2002

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As I sit gazing out the window,
  The stars slip silently past.
And the edge of the moon,
  Sticks out from behind the mountains,
On an ever-increasing downward plunge...
  This is the beginning of an empty day.

Last night I sat here,
  Thinking of all the times,
You and I once shared;
  Wondering over and over,
What it was that came between us,
  When all along I knew it was me.

Looking up now into the birth of the sky,
  The mountains begin to glow,
And the sun peels off its blankets;
  Melting the black coverlet of space,
Leaving me naked and alone,
  To face a day without you.

"I want her back in my life!"
  My mouth forms the words,
But the sounds are absorbed,
  By a vast and uncaring world.
"I want her back!" I cry;
  Yet no one hears, save me.

And now the unbidden rays of sunlight,
  Invade the once Stygian darkness of the room,
Illuminating the aspirin bottle on the table;
  The vacuousness of which,
Is testimony to the payment...
  Of a debt which cancels all others.

They say you never forget your first love. I wrote this poem when I lost mine. The phrase "a debt which cancels all others," however, is not original with me. I had found it in a thesaurus earlier and thought it would sound good someday in a poem. Haven't found your love yet? Click the link below now!

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